Develop courseware from start to finish


Input content once and view it in multiple forms throughout the course development process:


  • Lesson outline


  • Storyboard


  • Lesson preview


Customize the interface


  • Content is separate from presentation


  • Variety and structure


  • Many screen styles


  • Layout separate from content – easy updating

  • Can easily update branding and colour scheme

Easily search, update and reuse content


  • Centralized repositories for content, media and questions


  • Search by keyword, category, file type or teaching point


  • Link media and questions into your lessons as you build them


  • Update the master file and see your changes everywhere

Complete collaborative, accessible reviews


  • Submit for review with a single click

  • Web-based access allows you to access anywhere

  • Log comments that travel with the lesson through its life cycle

  • Multiple reviewers can be assigned to the same review at the same time